You are a leader. You are woman. You rock. Fact!

In this content driven world, your personal brand image has never been more important to reflect your true core values.

Impactful and compelling imagery is vital in telling your unique story and will help you in all forms of business communication.

Clique was created with you in mind to help you create impact and elevate your brand.

Clique are THE specialists in personal branding photography for women.

Your brand is what people say about you…when you’re not in the room!

Whether you are just starting out on your brave new journey, reinventing yourself or already an established woman in business, you need to become a Social Media sensation!

You are complex, multi-talented and driven. You deserve to be noticed.

Headshots are vital..but they are not the full picture.

You need a media-ready selection of high quality images that reflect your true persona. Images that speak for you and help you become a social media sensation!

Clique will sensitively and creatively produce a stunning and diverse selection of images that will show the world the true you…Confident, Self -Believing and Authentic.


Social Media is the most relevant and powerful medium to help your clients get to know you….before they get to know you!

LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram allows you to articulate and reinforce your brand message and core values directly to your audience.

In an over-crowded, content driven digital world, consistent and compelling brand stories are vital.

Here is how Clique images are being used on Social Media..



Veronika Nemeth

This summer I had the luck working with Baz on my personal branding photoshoot. He flew in from London to photograph me and my clients, and we spent two entire days shooting together. This wasn’t the first time for me working with a photographer but it was definitely the best one! He blew my mind with his commitment to always trying to get the best shot and I truly appreciated his professionalism. Needless to say, that the photos are amazing. Shooting personal branding photos is a very intimate experience and it’s not only about capturing the right moment but being able to understand your client’s heart & soul. You excel at both! Thank you for the amazing experience and I can’t wait for working together again!


Sophie Devonshire

Working with Baz on my photo shoot was a joy from start to finish. I HATE having my photo taken, am very vain and far too impatient which is a lethal combination! But he relaxed everything with his thoughtfulness, patience and great sense of humour which made it a surprisingly painless experience. He was also incredibly creative about backdrops which meant we ended up with some smart, fun pictures I feel proud to use. I would highly recommend him.


Simona Roman

Loved working with Baz. When you get the “Baz-treatment’- you feel at ease in front of his lens. He knows exactly what he wants to capture. He’s quick to snap ‘the in-between’ moments which are usually the best shots without the fuss.


Abby Chan

I had the most enjoyable experience with Baz! I shared with him the type of impression and image I wanted and he offered much guidance throughout the shoot, while working closely together to create what we both thought looks great. He also knows how to ease me into the shoot so I felt comfortable and appeared natural on photos. The results are amazing and capture my personality the way I wish to portray. Most importantly he knows your best angles and makes it a very fun experience!


Fabrizia Zorzenon

Baz is the only photographer I can truly trust! He can truly understand the subject and his black and white pictures are simply gorgeous!!! Every time I use them on my socials I always receive a lot of attention and compliments! He is… the ONE!!!


Giada Zhang

I highly recommend Baz for corporate events and personal branding shootings. He has exceeded my expectations in every possible way and my experience with him is second to none. If Baz is not available for your event/personal brand, as unreasonable as this might sound, I would suggest you move the date according to his availability. You will not regret it. This is because the real you is meant to be captured by Baz, soon to be world famous no doubt, photographer. The way Baz is able to capture the real you, the real moments is just unique. He has this incredible talent to make you feel confident and comfortable as never before. Baz hands down the best photographer that you deserve. He is the best investment you can make.


Raimonda Jankunaite

Baz Seal is a fantastic photographer, for both events and personal branding shoots. He is incredibly creative, professional and always delivers high-quality photos, capturing moments that matter. My personal and business brands have sky rocketed as a result of Baz’s work and I couldn’t be more grateful for all his hard work and incredibly fast delivery of all the amazing photos.


Chloé Gold

I knew I had to work with Baz because I LOVE his style of photography, he’s an amazing photographer. Not only has working with Baz been such a joy and so much fun, it’s up-levelled my brand and given it so much more of an edge, which I wanted. I’m someone who normally doesn’t like to have my photo taken but I’m always taken care of by Baz. He puts me at ease, gets me and is such a professional. I can’t wait until our next shoot!


Clique recommends 2 photoshoots per year: Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. This will ensure a relevant seasonal look/feel to your story telling. Summer dresses in December and Fur hats in July and will not look on trend!!

The photoshoots come in 3 package options. All sessions are location based*:

(* Studio photography is available if required. This will add studio hire fees – to be discussed in a telephone/Zoom consultation).


Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

I hate having my picture taken…are you good at Photoshop?!

Probably the most common question. You are not alone!!

Baring your soul in front of a camera can be very daunting – we get this. It’s not something you naturally do every day and 90% of the women photographed by Clique start out with the same anxieties.

This anxiety doesn’t last long. Once we get into the swing of the shoot, initial fears quickly disappear and the fun kicks in. We show the shots to you as they are taken to help you see for yourself that you look amazing and before long, you will be strutting your stuff like a supermodel!

I’m not a model – how do I know how to pose?

Simply put – just trust the photographer. The poses will be a combination of semi-formal and natural/reportage. Our direction will guide you throughout the session – talking to you and reassuring you every step of the way.

What should I wear?

This all gets discussed in our pre-shoot consultation. By Skype, phone or over a coffee, we talk through the type of shots you need that is specific to you. A woman in the world of coaching/natural lifestyle/well-being will dictate a different approach to a woman that works for a law firm in the city for example. No shoots are identical – they are as unique as you.

Where will I change between locations?

As the photoshoots are primarily in public spaces, your changing rooms are generally in the rest rooms in coffee shops, bars, hotels etc.. Never a problem and provides a perfect break to grab a coffee between outfit changes!

What if the weather is bad?

We keep an eye on the forecast days before the photoshoot. Harsh wind and rain will obviously call for a postponement of an outdoor shoot, however, in the UK at least, we can get 4 seasons of weather in one day! We will make a judgement call with you.

How do I get my images?

The images are loaded on to secure password protected photo gallery and a link will be sent to your email.  From here you can download directly to your computer.


Do I retain permission to use the images on Social Media?

Yes. This is your very own personal media library!

(We would like to use selected images for Clique social media/blogs)



“My journey into photography began back in the 80’s. I picked up and old Russian Zenith SLR camera that my brother’s ex-girlfriend left him and out of curiosity, shot a couple of rolls of film.

Bang! I was hooked. It became my absolute obsession – I had finally found my calling!
I set up a darkroom in the loft and began shooting rolls and rolls of black and white film. I completely immersed myself in photography and slowly started to believe that I could actually make a living out of this.

I left my relatively secure job in the Motor Trade and against all sound advice, recklessly decided to become a Milkman in Putney, South West London. I did say I was obsessed.

The theory being that this job would pay the mortgage but more importantly, free up time to learn my craft. I was back home some mornings by 10.00am!

I was now shooting weddings, Pets, Portraits, Kids, Football and anything that gave me experience…and money!
By the mid 80’s I became a first-time father and had to return to a more stable and better paid job, so with my old motor trade connections, managed to blag a job selling BMW cars.

It was there I met an amazing guy who introduced me into the world of Design.
He ran a successful design consultancy and I asked him if he could connect me with any photographers. The conversation ultimately led me to work for him as an account manager which was my entry into the creative world and a step closer to my dream.

The design business was good to me and to cut a long story short, led me into senior director level positions to finally running my own design consultancy in Richmond with my now wife, Alex.

Tragically, the events September 11 happened and our biggest client pulled all the work which led to the collapse of my business.

After re-marrying and by now, a father to 4 boys and 1 stepdaughter, I had a lot of mouths to feed!

Years later and out of the blue, I was head-hunted for a big grown up job for a large American Branding firm who were looking for an MD to head up their new acquisition in the UK. They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. This lasted a couple of years and I managed to continue shooting in parallel to my day job.

Over the past 15 years or so, I developed my own style and this has led me to shooting numerous global Corporate Events, Red Carpet/Celebrity Events (BAFTA’s), Fashion Week and even The Royal Family! I actually spent a whole day with HRH Prince Charles documenting ‘ A Day in the Life’. I have appeared in The Sunday Times twice and other publications. Who Knew?!! (Check out:
Fast forward to now and with a sound heritage in Branding, Fashion, Celebrity and a passion for visual ‘story telling’, creating a bespoke Personal Branding offer was a natural addition for me.

I have been actively involved with various groups of female entrepreneurs/women in business for some time and have had the privilege to travel the globe to photograph some truly amazing and inspirational women.

Clique was created to play to my experience and was faithful to my ‘feminist’ values  –  not just creating pretty pictures but impactful images from a sound branding premise to help my clients truly understand the importance of branding, help support and elevate their own personal brand and by definition, their businesses. Welcome to Clique.”


If you have any questions, or want to arrange an initial consultation, please drop us a note and we will get back to you.

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