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Keeping that in mind, we are going to take a look at some reasons why professional photographs for your personal branding campaign are so important.

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The Importance Of Professional Photographs For Personal Branding

It’s all about You- You are your personal brand. You want to make the best impression possible when meeting new clients – and reinforce your brand message to existing clients. Now that the COVID-19 lockdown is relaxing in many parts of the UK, salons and hair stylists will soon be open – Finally, it’s your time!

It Shows Your Personality- Many clients like to get a sense of the person they are planning to do business with before meeting up. Background research doesn’t always reveal the ‘authentic’ you.

This is where professional branding photography comes in. The images will give prospective clients a look at your natural personality and what they can expect when working with you. A comprehensive library of Personal Brand images will give you the option to post photos that show you in a variety of ways, allowing you to hand pick the most relevant image that fits with your post. On the phone, at a laptop, in conversation or simply walking down the street, capturing you in real life/everyday situations. Headshots and Selfies won’t do this.

Here are some tips to follow to get professional-looking personal branding photographs:

Keep Them Up To Date – Ideally you should refresh your images twice a year for the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter seasons. This gives you the chance to express yourself ‘in the moment’ and show off your personality. Reposting the same old pics is not compelling and doesn’t tell your true brand story. Consistency is key.

Keep Clothing Stylish And Simple- It’s not necessary to overdress for the shoot. Wear clothing that is simple and stylish is often the most effective and allows your audience to see ‘you’. A good branding photographer will discuss this at a pre-shoot consultation.

Hairstyles- This is the best time to consider a new style or at least refresh your existing look. Your hair is an essential part of your personality and you want a style that complements your face and showcases your natural essence. It needs to make you ‘feel’ good as this will enhance your confidence.

Make Up- light and simple makeup is recommended as a basis for the shoot. It should be enough just to highlight your facial features while covering up minor skin imperfections.

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